2nd try…and FELLOWSHIP

So after a hardening 1st try in making grape jelly I gave it another shot yesterday. But this time I took instructions from a new book I picked up called The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Country Living.  I followed the instructions for not adding pectin. 

Well needless to say, it is quite watery. So I am not sure what the purpose of not adding pectin was suppose to be in making a jelly. Luckily I only did enough for one jar, so it will be a good flavor to put in baking. 

I have one more chance to making a jelly work before I run out of grapes this season. I will give it another go next week. Each trial and error is what makes us good at what we do. Not giving up and giving it another go makes us wiser each time. 

I did though finally accomplish something wonderful yesterday. My girlfriend and her girls finally made it over after two week of interruptions with colds. It was a well overdue time of fellowship. She ended up hanging around for over 3 hours. I love not having a schedule of spending time with those you love. I had plenty I could have been doing, but Shalom was present and fulfilled the purpose it was named for. 

We got to allow the girls to play and let out all that energy they have at such a young age. We got to make up for a lot of lost conversations. After she left later that night I was overwhelmed of emotions, because I realized how much I had missed her. How much I had missed the fellowship of a real good friend. How much I had needed to let things off my chest and so did she. How we become judgmental of ones life when we don’t know what they are really experiencing at home. I was reminded how important fellowship is.

So if you have a friend or family member you haven’t “really” spoken to in a while, take a seat outside your BUSY life and have a face to face conversation with them. You will be reminded of how special they are and grateful you are to have them in your life. 

Shalom, Peace be with You!

2 thoughts on “2nd try…and FELLOWSHIP

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    1. Well thank you, it is quite frustrating, especially when you give the jelly to friends to try. But that is the beauty in learning, you keep trying over and over each season. One day I will master the science behind temperatures and jelly.

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