Muscadine Time

This is our first September here in our new home at Shalom Wooded Acres as we call it. An established 5 acre growing hobby farm in Eastern NC. We purchased it in November of 2012 with the direction of God and the intent to “live” off our land. “Shalom” is Peace in Hebrew and there are many many wonderful  spirit filled qualities about this land that I can’t wait to share as we adventure into each of them.

First off is enjoying picking from our two grape vines, a muscadine and a scuppernong. Not sure how long they have been established but they sure do yield. Eating off the vines has brought me back to some wonderful memories of living on the farm in NY where I grew up. I am so excited to jump in and see what is to come of this beautiful fruit God has given us to enjoy.

My brother-in-law has a hobby of making wine and beer. So with the grapes we picked we will be making wine to be ready by Christmas. What a wonderful gift that will make! I am also going to make some scuppernong jelly as well.

I have a girlfriend coming over  next week with her daughters and I am going to make an activity out of them helping me make the jelly while we enjoy some homemade cookies and tea.

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