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Apple Butter

Fall and spring are my two favorite times of the year. I love how you see life changing before your eyes. Now that fall is here you can’t get more into the season than decorating and making apple butter. My family has been going to Millstone Creek Orchards for a couple of years now picking wonderful apples. 


    Millstone Creek Orchards

This is my second time making apple butter. It was a huge hit with friends the first time.  I used Fuji apples. I took the original recipe from allrecipes.com. I love that site! Thousands of people put in their recipes and others try them and give their input and tweaks. 

                                                         How it’s done!

We picked a half bushel, I was able to make two batches from that half. 
I peel, core, and slice the apples. 
Then put them in my six quart crock pot with 1/2 cup of vinegar. 
Turn it on high and let it cook away for eight hours.  
After the eight hours you turn it to low and let it cook for another 10 hours. I usually start this around noon and before I go to bed I turn it to low, that way in the morning I can finish it off by adding 
                  1 1/2 cup of sugar 
                  1/2 cup brown sugar 
                  1 tbsp ground cinnamon 
                  1/4 tsp ground cloves 
                  1 tsp ground allspice 

The sugar is half of what the original recipes calls for. After   adding the spices you let it cook for another four hours. The last two hours I take the lid off to let it thicken up.

Next is getting the water boiling. I use the boiling water method of canning.  You bring it to a rolling boil and fill the jars that have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Place them in the water and let sit for 8 to 10 minutes.

Tada! You have the best apple butter to enjoy yourself or to share. I have a girlfriend who ate it as a dip with cinnamon chips.

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