The year of Margin and Balance

Do you ever have so much within your mind but you don’t have the time to put it all down; to unload drawers in your head that is storing everything. ┬áLast year was an awful year of my cluttered mind. I was forgetting appointments, tasks, requests, my poor dog at dogie daycare.

Last year our pastor spoke on margin. That in this time in society we have turned into a 24/8 world. As he spoke throughout the year I went from being in denial to realizing I had a major problem. At the end of the year I turn to God in prayer for what He would have me to focus on in the year to come. Balance and Margin!

I searched through multiple blogs that I follow, which are listed below. Taking bits and pieces of what they have been implementing in their lives for some time I had a good base to start.

I started small, another detail that I am trying to work on in my life. Big isn’t always better, you can get overwhelmed quite fast and end up giving up all together. I looked at what is important in my life, then at what I was neglecting. Eliminating the things that are taking up my day and have no value.

I had gotten most of my ideas from diy home sweet home. Their forms are simple, bright, and easy to structure around your life style. I created a small binder that breaks down daily chores, to-do’s, cleaning schedule.

Before I started this binder at the beginning of the year I had tried to organize myself by having set days to clean, outside work, visit with friends. But I felt like I was all over the place and I wasn’t giving by best to any one part. I felt unsuccessful as a wife, mother, and friend.

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