Don’t WINE about the outcome

I just posted about my very wet growing season in 2014, now I am in 2015 and going to be harvesting very soon this years yield. But I wanted to share the outcome of my first attempt to making wine.IMG_4411

So because the season was so wet in 2014 my grapes where ripening early. I had picked about 3 gallons and put them in the freezer until I was ready for the rest of the harvest to be ready. When all were picked and we, my brother-in-law and I, were ready to start the wine making process I should have pulled out the frozen grapes days before. I pulled them out that morning and we had to run them under water to get them to thaw. This is where the “whining” part of my title comes in.

Mashing up part frozen grapes HURTS your hands. I had this crazy tingling feeling and rash starting to break out on my hands. We finally got a 5 gallon bucket filled with grapes, water, and yeast to start the fermenting processes. After a few days of releasing stinky air we were ready for the transfer process to the large glass jugs.

This is where I started whining again. This took forever it seemed. Each week on Sunday night I would transfer the wine to a clean jug. This took about 6 times until I gave up trying to clear up the wine. There was always a layer of yeast on the top, which is suppose to be gone by the 2nd or 3rd time and the wine should be clear. So I am told.


We went ahead and bottled and hoped for the best. We tasted as we were bottling and the flavor was very good.

Now posting this 9 months later and going through a couple of bottles it just gets better and better as it sits. There is a small amount of yeast still left at the bottom of the bottles, but I just through that away.IMG_6602

Overall I am very satisfied by the results and the lessons learned. I know this year will be completely different and I will learn new lessons, but isn’t that the best part of learning?

I do have a couple books this time, and if you are further into your education on wine bottling please share your learning experiences.

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