The Greatest Gift

Today is my 37th birthday. This was the greatest birthday weekend I ever had and will ever have as long as I live. It was all a surprise to me. But thats how God works. He is full of surprises. He loves to bless his children with wonderful gifts. It gives him the greatest joy seeing us overwhelmed with joy.

So there were two surprise, as if the first one couldnt have been great enough. It was Friday and I had used Shane’s truck to get hay for the goats and hall off some trash. I was taking it back to the shop to pickup my vehicle. As I got out of the truck to switch out the kids Shane came walking over with another person. That person was my Father. He had driven 11 hours to surprise me for my birthday. This took my breath away and made me break down in overwhelming tears of joy.

My Dad has been a very active part of my whole life from a distance. He lives in FL and I grew up in NY then moved to NC. My longing is to one day have my dad everyday, but right now he is the caretaker to my stepmother who has demencha. I have never had my dad one on one with him my whole life until last year when I got to be his guest at a wedding. I felt like a princess with her dream that finally came true. That was until this weekend.

Seeing him make the trip just for me, to be with only me, an entire weekend is incredable. We did nothing out of my regular routine of life. We lived and he watched. Just his presents would send bursts of excitement through my body. Knowing I was parenting and attending to livestock with my dad, my dad watching me. Just recreating that in my mind now brings tears.

He stayed 4 days and when he left I felt satisfied. Normally I breakdown crying after he leaves because I didn’t really get to see him. My mom has always taken ALL his attention. So when I would see him, I really wasn’t. I would be like a little child longing to be with her daddy. But this time I got to BE with my daddy.

God has a way with time. We always want things right now. Even relationships. But this weekend I got to see that God is always right on time. My dad is full blooded Jewish. He does not see God as I see him. He has been to churches with my stepmother, but never engaged with God. I have had a few conversations with him about my God, but his response would be “thats nice, but thats not me”. I have never hidden my relationship with God from my family. They all know who I live for. Well my dad got to get a real introduction to who my God really is while he was here. He wrote me a letter when he got home, didn’t even call to say he was home, but went right to writing the letter. This is what it said.

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Sharing your birthday and family for the last 4 days was better than perfect.

Thirty seven years ago I would never had imagined that new born little baby would become such an amazing person. I’m so proud of the daughter, wife, mother and woman you have become. I’ve never been a believer in God, but the blessing that you are to me and everyone in your life has changed my mind.

Happy Birthday and many, many more.

Love always and forever,


That was my 2nd surprise from God. That the prayer I had been praying for many many years had been answered. My dad let God into his life. This birthday will be one that will never be forgotten. A life saved, is The Greatest Gift. God has opened the door to a new season in life that will last a lifetime. 2 lifelong prayers answered, God is an on time God. I am glad that my daily walk with Him had allowed Him to surprise me. The deeper we walk with him, the greater life becomes.


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