Pouring Down Blessings

On Aug 6th 2018 I came home to the noise of a waterfall in my house. I turned the corner into my kitchen and behold, there was a waterfall in my kitchen. A very small pipe under our sink in our upstairs bathroom that is connected to the valve had broke. Leaving a days worth of water gushing through the entire half of my home.

This of course was something that I could not handle physcially or emotionally. I lost it, litterly in front of my children. I broke down crying out of control as I was trying to explain to my husband on the phone. We stayed outside and I paced our road crying. I could not get control of myself until my husband came home.

He was so calm, reminding me that it is only a house and no one was hurt. After hearing that and taking my children to a friend and her talking me through this and another friend cheering me up I was able to gain control of myself.

Thats when I seen the blessing and was so thankful to God for what He had done. I started praising him and soon the holy spirit came over me and I was back to myself. I am a child of God and I see and react to things spiritually. My flesh responded first, but with the help of my spiritual family I was able to see my situation from God’s perspective.

This happened only weeks after my husband had emergency surgery getting is gull badder removed and a survier infection. It put him down for nearly 2 weeks. That too was a blessing.

This happened only less then a week on us closing on our new future. Purchasing nearly 200 acres for what we call our next adventure in life. God has used what most consider bad luck or attacks as a way for us to move in the direction and at the pace he is needing.

Shane talked tonight about how he has never felt more alive and close to God as he does at this time in his life. I have to agree with him completely.

It was good to get a good hard cry in today though, not the way I would have chosen, but do we ever get to choose when we are going to cry from the depths of our being?

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