By Faith We Moved

Just over 4 years ago myself and a few of my girlfriends went on a girls weekend trip to Yadkin Valley in NC. I fell in love with the area and said then that I would move here one day. After that trip the area stayed constant in my mind.

Fast forward to today, March of 2019. We have moved here, to Dobson NC in the Yadkin Valley. Center in the area we vacationed 4 years ago. How in the world did all that happen?

Faith. One of my dear friends that I traveled with had similar feelings dwelling inside her as well. Through random conversations God was building in our spirits His plans. We started to share dreams that God was putting in our hearts. Dreams turned into plans and plans turned into actions.

The plans that we were making were plans that God had put in our hearts so that we may walk in His Will. He directs all of His children in this manner, we just need to be still enough to listen to what He is asking of us. Most often we are so caught up in our lives that we miss that small whisper of God asking us to walk deeper in faith with him.

Over the course of a couple years God has developed a few things in our lives that would carry over to this new place. I started a hobby farm with Shalom Wooded Acres and my friend started Scripture Writing on social media. Through these avenues God will expand them to speak to his people.

After us making plans and knowing that God has lead our two families to dwell together and make a future for our children and knowing in our hearts that God had big plans for us, even through we were and still are unsure of how God was going to get us there, we decided to take a step in Faith.

My husband and I had found some property in the area and we made a weekend trip to view a few of these in the spring of 2018. This was 3 years after visiting the area with my girlfriends. We had taken a few family vacations up here just to get a feel for it. Each time I fell deeper in love. The properties we had visited did not speak to us. I knew what that feeling was cause I had experienced it with the place we were currently living in. The birthplace of Shalom Wooded Acres.

On the exit way out at the end of the weekend I was going through the internet looking at a few listings that were on the road we were traveling, off the beaten path which we often traveled. I came across this one and we decided to check it out. As we entered the road to the property, singing of the heavenly Angels began and a burst of excitement entered my soul. Not sure about the Angels, but the burst for sure. This was it!

We got on the phone with the realtor but he was not able to meet us, it was a Sunday. He said we could walk around. I took videos to share with my father and my friend. That was the catalyst that got the ball rolling quickly.

Hebrews 11. When God speaks and is ready to move there is nothing that stands in his way. This is when God puts our Faith to the test.

  • The property was bought in Aug
  • End of Aug our house floods from a busted pipe
  • Sept, foster kids move to new family due to not finding a place to rent
  • Oct, hurricane Florance comes and we evacuate to the cabin
  • House is being fixed for the plan to sell
  • Dec, people are interested in our house
  • Jan, we start packing up our house to sell
  • Feb, we move to cabin
  • March, our house sells. WHAT?????

All of this happened by the Hand of God. In less then a year we went from deciding to come to the area and look for some land to physically being here. But God! There were all these small things that happened that if we were not walking in Faith and having our attention focused on God we would have missed. We took out all of our own calculations and ideas and let God take the wheel. If our house didn’t flood we would not be where we are, if we had found a place to stay during construction our foster kids would have been with us and we couldn’t travel, if we hadn’t had the cabin when the hurricane came we wouldn’t have had somewhere for ourselves, our animals, and 2 other families. If we hadn’t had someone helping us clean up after the hurricane we would not have had the conversation with the boys who’s parents were looking for a place to buy. If we had not been the people we are then we wouldn’t have connected with the new homeowner like we did, awesome family of God. Even down to God getting us a truck to pull cargo trailer at the last second.

Now we are living in a Cabin with two families until our homes are built. Future posts will be about our experience in raising children together in fellowship. God is opening a way of life to us the way He has written it in His word.