The Year of Trust

Each year God gives us a word to carry over into the coming year. I believe I have spoke about this before in the past. Well 2019 year was the word TRUST.

God has put us in positions all throughout the year to strengthen our trust in Him. He has closed doors and guided our hearts in the direction he wanted us to go. There were no big events that made us move in trusting this time. They were all small things that you could barley notice. If you were not in a close relation with him you would have gotten the wrong message and made a mess of what he was doing. Which we came close to that a few times. But through talking to each other about our dreams, prayers, and messages we were able to discern what God was saying.

We are still very much in the place of trusting that his purpose is greater then our plan. Our plans have changed, a lot…. But with each one we know that we are drawing closer to him and further away from our humanly desires. There have been times of wanting to give up, feeling overwhelmed, feeling defeated. But those were just the devils tactics of throwing us off. They didn’t work. God would come back with a strong message of hope and encouragement that got us through to the next one. This is a great battle we are up against. There is only One you can trust in to get you through.

Cant wait to see what the end of the year holds and what we will be walking into in the next, but one thing we do know, we walk with the One who holds it. So what ever season you are in at this moment, Trust in God to see you Through!