Spring Warmth Melt’s Winter Blues

We’ve all heard the cliché, new life in the springtime sayings.  But, oh how badly our souls have needed new life this season.

We’ve been on the farm, officially, for a year now.  We’ve grown and experienced so many wonderful new things.  We have educated ourselves, been open to new ideas.  We’ve experienced new life, and even death.  But, most of all, we have waited on God and his plans for us.  It sounds so light and airy (rather like spring time) to say that.   In a lot of ways it is, trusting in Him and knowing it isn’t going to be dependent on me is freeing, but there is also a heavy side.  A side that says, When?   A side that says How?  A side that sometimes says, Why?, and a side that wonders if it’s ever coming together at all.  A side that has suffered the winter blues – even in the trusting.

But, in His perfection, He always brings to mind the things He has accomplished in this year, the things that needed to happen and we never knew.  When we look at our children and how they have grown, how this is such a better life for them.  We see just a glimpse of how perfect His plan for this farm (and our life) really is.

And just like the new growth on the budding trees, like the sweet hopping new baby goats in the barn, like the fresh smell of new life on the farm this spring; We feel that new energy grow inside of us, renewed energy to do the things we need to do.  Renewed strength and desire to make relationships as great as possible. Thankful for the renewal of life that melts away these winter blues, we continue to wait with expectation for what this next phase will hold.

We already see some of it; Shane & Tara’s house will begin to be built in just a few short weeks, Matt has already begun working for a new company that will make his move here possible, new milk testing for the goats will bring a great new aspect to our farm.  Tessie’s new calf will be here in less than 4 weeks, along with several more baby goats.

New life continues to be brought forth, physically and emotionally.  We wait, we believe and we trust.  Welcoming our new life experiences just like the opening of a flower bud on the trees we look out upon.

We hope you will also breath in fresh air this spring, new perspective, new hope in the things you are facing.  May God’s blessings be evident in your life, as the spring sun shines over you, and the warmth of it melts away the winter blues of the past few months.  Rise up with expectation, He will never disappoint.

Note: This was written prior to our current Corona virus state, we will address this in later blogs.