Story Behind the Product

There is a lot of soap on the market, and there is a lot of homemade soap on the market. Homemade products are becoming a big thing today and you can get endless supply on Amazon, Etsy, etc. Why are we making it also? How is our product any different than another? What makes ours so special?

I would like to share my story as to why we ended up buying goats to make soap. I have extremely sensitive skin. I have had issues my whole like. As a child, I remember my grandmother wrapping saran wrap around my legs and arms after lathering me with some oily ointment so it wouldn’t get all over the sheets. Tones of doctor visits, kids making fun of my alligator skin, crying because my feet hurt from being split open. This all caused from psoriasis.

Then I moved from up North to the Carolinas and my skin hated that more. I developed eczema. Climate change, even going on vacation was no fun for me. I could use nothing with fragrance in lotions, detergents, or soaps. A never ending battle. As I went through high school, my skin started to clear up. I figured I was growing out of it, YEA!

Then I hit my 30’s. I started developing autoimmune disorders and along with that came the skin acting up again. Back to the doctors, one after another, specialist, tests, skin graphs. I was told that what I had when I was younger normally comes back worse as I age. And it did….

After about 3 years of dealing with medications and doctors opinions, I started doing my own research. I learned how to listen to my body and I knew what was irritating it really bad at times. I started on the autoimmune diet journey for my body. Eventually I found myself coming off the medications and treating myself by how I was eating. But my skin was still an issue, just not as bad. Then I remembered when I was little my grandmother had me on goats milk. I never knew why. Then I started remembering comments that doctors would say to my grandmother about not drinking milk.

I took this as God reminding me of what I needed to help me on this journey. Well I went and got some goat soap from a farm that made their own. In one week it was getting better. Great! but it wasn’t enough. I started doing research on goat milk benefits and the different breeds. That is where I decided to get a few Nigerian Dwarf goats and give this a try.

Their fat content and health benefits and small size is what lead me to buying a small herd from a lady who had them for the same reason, her health. She had gotten too old to continue to care for them. It was a perfect match!

And that is how we started making goat soap. I started making it for myself and drinking the milk. The transformation in my body has been incredible. Within one month my skin cleared up completely! I no longer take medication, I no longer have skin issues, my autoimmune disorders are under control. I am not saying this will happen for everyone, because everyone’s bodies are different and so are their surroundings.

Now we live in the foothills instead of the coast and that alone has made a difference on my arthritis and my sinuses. Unfortunately, my husband is having major issues with pollen up here, so we will see how time works that out.

So that is why we make goat soap. I experiment with blends just like everyone else, so mine isn’t special, except to me and who has come to like it for their skin. I keep it very simple and basic. Really, it just comes to who you are lead to buy from, trying a few different makers.

We are new to this and are learning each day. I know the love and care we put into our animals and that I do this for my health and our family, and not to make a big profit. We like sharing what we do within our families to yours.

So give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

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