God Comforts

I am in Florida helping my dad get my mom moved into a permanent living facility. She has been suffering with dementia for the last 8 years. I have known customers who have lived with this disease, my heart has always gone out to them.

Watching my stepmom go through the stages has been sad. Her whole life that she lived has been erased from her mind. She had many accomplishments with starting a very successful business in the steel industry. She has always had a very giving heart. Even in the mist of the disease she would randomly give money to people she passed in stores. I know God was using her to bless someone at that moment.

God had given me a chance to spend 3 years with her before the disease started to set in. I worked for my parents business as a sales person. At that time we bonded like never before. Side note, I was raised by my grandparents on my mom’s side. I would visit my dad and stepmom in the summers. While working for them I was a new Christian. God had put me in the place where I knew no one and built himself within me as I was being renewed, truly born again. I was also able to connect with my stepmom because she too was searching for being renewed. So together we started going to church and learning in the word of God.

God had used that season to do very powerful things in our lives. As she separated further from the ways of the world, mind and body, she drew deeper into the word of God. Now as she knows only a couple people, I’m not one of them, she knows the Bible. She has been reading it daily for the last 3+ years. I see this as God’s way of working himself into ones life. Most people wouldn’t understand and see this disease as a bad thing, which it is, but God will take that which we see as bad and change it to GOOD.

My dad has been an amazing person through all this. He has loved her unconditionally and been a wonderful example to me. His gentle spirit and simplicity of life has given my stepmom a very peaceful walk through this. He has come to a point where he can’t give her the care she needs and professionals need to take over. God’s timing is perfect and I am so thankful that I am able to be here and help my dad in this moment.

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