Show a Goat


Now that things can start happening again after a year of cancellation, we are finally able to get back into showing goats. We have successful made it through 2 shows this spring, 2021. I say successfully made it through because we have goats that like to lie down in the ring, or escape the entrance. Grace and Emily did a fantastic job this past show of 3 days and 4 rings. We brought what we felt were the best of our herd to see where they stood up against the best! Not to Shabby!!!! I left felling like a winner!!!

Now we are onto fall shows while Emily and Grace prep for showmanship. I am so glad they love this hobby as much as I do. We have the greatest time and meet great people.

Why did we decided to show? Well, first its fun; second, we are wanting the best out of what we do. God says to do it as if you are doing it for Him. He has created beautiful animals, and when we choose to take great care of His creation and give our very best to and for them it SHOWS. We are not showing to win a high title, we show our goats to show we care and take pride in our hard work. Along with showing our goats we also participate in DHIR (Dairy Herd Improvement Association). We milk test our goats monthly to ensure that they are producing the best quality we can provide.

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