Choosing to Homeschool

This is a big topic across our nation at this time. We are in an era where the governments school systems are boldly taking control of what children are being taught. This has been going on for many years now, taking the word of God our of schools, sex education, now equality and history.

I experienced both the public school system and the private. I struggled in both. I believe that was my deciding factor when we decided to have children and how they were going to be educated. We started talking about this issue before kids arrived. Because I knew that I needed to be home to parent my children. So we started making financial decisions that would allow that to happen.

I knew a few people who homeschooled, but I was not influenced by them. I was influenced by what was going on in society around me. I was involved in watching youth and how much it was changing, even when I was in school. I listened to stories from school teachers and the struggles they were having after many many years in teaching. I knew that this was only going to get worse. I did not want my children to grow up in that type of environment.

We are given a responsibility of raising young humans to become adults. This was not a job I wanted to take lightly. We waited to have children in our 30’s, we wanted to get all our fun young adult activities out of the way so we could commit to this task of raising children. We knew that the decisions we made in life would have long term results, we wanted to make the best of this life we have been given.

Raising children is not an easy job. I seen enough parents struggling emotionally to keep it together in sleepless nights, to toddler stages, to adolescents. I knew this parenting things was serious, I knew it wasn’t going to be a fun and giggles all the time, I also knew it would be the greatest reward. So we decided that homeschool was the best opportunity to give these kids the best foot forward in being a positive side of society. I didn’t want someone else parenting my children, God gave them to me, not them. I wanted to know what was influencing my children, even in toddler stage. I wanted to raise my children in Biblical Truth. This is not something that was handed down to me from my parents. I was able to watch those around me and learn from their mistakes. I wanted my life to take a different course and I was responsible for those choices. My husband and I are of one mind and spirit. This is the first and most important part of parenting and homeschooling.

So, all that to say this is why we chose to homeschool. At first Shane (husband) was not on the same page, but after realizing what was really before us and the influences positive and negative, he seen it was the best choice. I reached out to the few homeschool parents I knew when my daughter was only a year old. I seen how fast her mind and abilities were developing and I knew I needed to get on her level. Kids are so so smart, they take in so much especially at a young age. I realized that the small baby shows she was watching was influencing her in a negative way. They were teaching her bad habits and her mood changes were effected by them. I realized I needed to be very careful about where the content of education I was allowing her to receive.

Homeschooling isn’t just about teaching your children about arithmetic and language arts. Homeschooling is just an extension of your parenting. Teaching children right from wrong and having them understand the content that is put in is what will come out. From movies, to books, to their social gatherings. I was cautioned by those around me that homeschooling lacked the social skills they needed. That is so wrong. My children are socially advanced. Even at a young age they knew how to make a friend at the park within a minute and in 10 minutes would have everyone at the park playing a game together. They don’t know color or race, they see relationship, making a friend. They are not part of a group of whos who, they want to know who everyone is. They are involved in sports, arts classes, camps, church programs. There is no lack of socialization when you homeschool, I believe there is actually more socialization.

When we made the decision on how we wanted to raise our children we also made the choice to homestead as well. We sold our neighborhood home and bought a house with 5 acres, then moved on to 169acres. We bought goats, chickens, and gardened. I wanted the children to understand the quality of life and hard work. We as a family unit do everything together; work, play, and responsibility. My husband works away from home during the week and we talk to him each night. On the weekends we are together doing life with animals, projects, fun, and honeydews. The kids are right beside us in all that needs to be done. They know what it means to miss out because of an animal or a unexpected expense. They know that hard work is very rewarding. They understand the sacrifice their dad makes each week to provide for us.

There is endless homeschool curriculum out there to choose from. I have been through about 4 units and my kids are only in elementary school. You have to choose the one that works for that season. Kids are growing and developing daily and what worked yesterday might not work today. But because you have so much hands on with your children it is easy to adjust to their needs at the time. Is it easy?, no, but neither is parenting. We are to raise them up in the way they should go so they will not depart when they are older. If it is taking them longer then most to read, its okay, they just need extra help. My children struggle with one subject or another. We have good days and not so good days. But by the end of the year they have figured it out and are learning something new. I realized I needed to school year round, because if they took a break they had forgotten what they learned and we would spend so much time relearning. We only do school Monday through Thursday. Their dad is home on Fridays, so they get time with him. School started when chores are done and I am ready to devote a few hours to them. Some days it only takes a couple hours, some it takes all day. I have learned to be flexible and patient. It has taken a while, and I am still learning.

I would not change anything we have decided and I am so glad looking at today that we decided to make this choice for our family. We only have 18 very short years to pour into their lives. To equip them for adulthood. What we chose to do today will have an impact on my children tomorrow and into the future of their life and the life of their children. I think people get caught up in the here and now and selfish mentality and don’t think about the long term effects. That is why we chose to homeschool.

Currently we are using the curriculum from The Good and The Beautiful. This is very simple, affordable, and bible based.