Shalom Wooded Acres

It all started with 5 Nigerian Dwarf goats and a few Barred Rock chickens on the east coast of NC! This hobby farm turned Agricultural. Now Surry Hills Inc. is the farm that houses the ever growing livestock of Shalom Wooded Acres.

Meet the Herd

We started as Shalom Wooded Acres with Ruth and Naomi, twins; Galaxy and Buttin, from same farm. They had kids – Meshach, one of triplets from Ruth; Miriam from Naomi; and Venus from Galaxy. When we moved to Dobson they had their next set of kids. Hilah, which was the first one born on the farm from Ruth; LilBit from Naomi; and Milkway and BJ from Galaxy. From there the herd has grown, some we have kept and others have moved on to new homes.

We added to our herd a doe, Hazel and a buck, Blaze, from TwoMadHatters farm out of Mount Airy. They have great lineage that we want to add to our herd and to help increase our milk quality. We also added Phancy, Clove and Brie; a doe and her two kids from family members.

After a few goat shows the kids have decided that they wanted to add some different breeds to the herd. We have been in need for more milk because of the high demand and have added 3 Nigerian/Nubian/Lamancha mix to the herd in 2021. Looking forward to seeing what the results will be after we breed them in the fall!

After 2021 kidding season!

2021 was a great success!

We had 3 does that kidded quads! Meshach, Phancy, and Hazel. All the rest had twins and triples. We did loose 2 of Meshach from hypothermia, but we learned what to do for next time.

All the does have been sold, except the ones we decided to retain. We have decided to keep the bucklings for meat. We have a couple blue eye, polled bucks that we will sell.

The rest of the animals

In addition to the dairy goats, we added a Mid-Mini Jersey cow who gave birth to two steers, one in 2019 and 1 in 2020. She is due again in July of 2021. Two mini donkeys, two Great Pyrenees/Anatolian guard dogs, and chickens.

We have also decided to help a local horse rescue farm by fostering a few of their horses. This is great for them and for the kids! We have 6 horses. We are also leasing our pasture land to a local meat farm, Pac Family Meats.

All our animals are given personal care and loved on daily, we believe the best animals are those that have daily human encounter. This goes for health and temperament. We also believe and have seen the animals help our family to grow and help us deal with our emotions that can get the best of us at times.

We invite those who would like to disconnect from the bogged down routine of life and get a boost of fresh air and farm smells that can reconnect your mind, body, and spirit. Please contact us if this is on your TO-DO for yourself list.